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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Can Reverse Diabetes

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April 25th, by the way, is "Reversing Diabetes Action Day," and as part of that celebration, for the next six days the producers of this film are offering their 3-DVD set including "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" and the two companion DVDs "Raw for Life" at a deep, deep discount for the viewing public: 50% off the regular price.

On top of that, the Raw for Life producers are giving away an impressive collection of extra downloadable bonuses, including:

• "Kitchen Gadgets" 40-minute instructional video
• Top 5 recipes from "Raw Food Made Easy" by Jennifer Cornbleet
• A one month raw menu planner
• The entire book "The Raw Life: Becoming Natural in an Unnatural World"
• The entire book, "Revealing the Physical Changes" E-Book by Angela Stokes
• The entire book, "Raw Success" by Matt Monarch
• The entire book, "How to Get Started with Raw Foods" by Karen Knowler

These downloadable bonuses are worth $110.85 by themselves! Yet you get them all for free as a bonus, plus the 50% discount on the 3-DVD set, only for the next six days. It's an unbeatable deal, and it ends Friday, April 30th.

"I found myself nodding my head, laughing out loud, exclaiming 'YES', 'WOW' and so on countless times throughout the 90-minute presentation. It is SO gratifying and exciting to see six people who have all been told that they will be 'on their medication for life' not only COME OFF all allopathic meds, but also lose weight, shift through emotional stumbling blocks, get more physically active and start SHINING with healthy skin and eyes... in just 30 days..." - Angela Stokes, author and raw food champion.

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My experience at the Tree of Life

Even though I'm not a 100% raw food follower myself, I've spent a considerable amount of time at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. I've interviewed Dr. Gabriel Cousens many times and I've spent many hours talking with the residents there who experienced stunning health transformations on a raw foods / living food diet. 
This is for real.
There is a cure for diabetes, and it's happening right now in Patagonia, Arizona at the Tree of Life ( I've personally talked face to face with patients who cured their own type-2 diabetes in less than 30 days. Even when they arrived with very high fasting blood sugar levels, within one month on a living foods diet, blood sugar returned to normal, healthy levels for many of them. They no longer needed medication (see disclaimer below). They were cured of type-2 diabetes through their own inner healing potential (plus the help of Mother Nature's healing foods).
Sunday, April 25, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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